Safe Search for Ten Year Olds

The internet image search... I can spend hours.  The clip at bottom is from a Nasa 2010 closeup of the sun.  (No! below the dog.)

My youngest son yesterday was asking me about dog breeds.  He said he liked the one in the movie "Babe 2:  Pig in the City" which, he said, had the face "like this" (he makes a face thinking it will look like the dog's face... ok right), "You know, Papa, the dog whose face was thin and long."

I wondered if it was a poodle or an afghan, he said no (he knows those).   He said it was the dog that falls in the canal, the mean dog that Babe the pig rescues.

So I thought, I'd go to google images or bing images and search "babe" and "dog" and see with my son what popped up.

"Babe" + "dog" = Oops.
I'm now a convert to "safe search" option.  Talk about unintended consequences!   I closed the laptop in time, I think.  (It's a bull terrier).

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