Electronics Recycling - VIDEO!

Since Robin's time in Africa (1984-87) as a Peace Corps teacher and later "Cross Culture Trainer" for new Peace Corps Volunteers, recording photos and film of how other hard working people in other lands do their job has been a hobby and passion.  Trips to China, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Mexico, etc. have always been as much about recycling as they have been about tourism.

Note:  In 2011, we had perhaps the best recognition of our "fair trade recycling" efforts in the German-language cable news channel 3Sat.de program ZDF.Kultur.  Cannot embed, but visit link.

In 2007, the World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association sponsored a video film of used computers exported from Vermont to Dakar Senegal.  Old and broken ones were removed first, and the rest were managed, tested, and in some cases repaired by young Geeks of Color.

That video led to a grant from the Consumer Electronics Association in 2008 to collect more film from more overseas (and domestic) partners.  Raw footage has been uploaded to (higher-def) Viddler WR3A Group.   Clips from 138 videos were used to produce a 3 minute video by Ken French Media of Vermont, shown below.

In 2009, National Public Radio visited our "Fair Trade Recycling" laboratory in NAFTA and OECD Mexico... by creating a proper manual recycling operation in a legal OECD nation, re-transiting the material legally back to the USA after disassembly, we were able to show how a group of impoverished women without electricity can properly recycle TVs and computers... Fair Trade Recycling incentives are a great solution to the "e-waste" problem.

For more raw video, visit WR3A on www.viddler.com website.  We still have cameras out in Indonesia, Peru, Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Angola, Malaysia, Mexico and other nations, filming how they can properly manage the "e-waste" material which they are increasingly generating within their own nations.  If you want to upload your own film, we are all about seeing people for what they CAN do not for what they CANNOT do, and we'd be happy to link to it here.

Here, from 2008, is one of the dozens of video interviews done with the WR3A grant from CEA.   Here, Yadji Moussa of Cameroon, Africa, is asked about how Africans choose where to live and what to buy.  [Yadji passed away from accidental drowning in June, 2012]

Here's an April Fools Day 2011 Release, a satire of shredding technology called the "Waste-O-Matic".   The Wasteomatic, like Dan Aykroyd's Bassomatic of the 1970s (available on hulu) is silly.

More from our favorite director - producer, Ken French - REVOLUTION 2.0

Here is one we had no part of, but want to promote.  Produced by Peter Jensen in 2010, this rap video from Africa tells the story of the poster children through song.   Puts boycotting recycling in a completely different light.

Here is another one we recently found, a hard working group in Eastern Africa.

At the request of his daughter, Innah, this playlist is dedicated to our departed colleague, Yadji Moussa, 1957-2012


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    This is a video we did for his memorial in Middlebury