5 Bells: Blogger Declares "E-Waste Hoax is Dead"

Shaba Kahamba, the Artist formerly known as Prince, and the E-Waste Hoax are dead.*

The second of the list, Prince, the incredibly famous purple dancer, was found passed out in an elevator, and declared dead at age 57.  Shaba Kahamba, the Congolese Soukous bassist legend, died peacefully in retirement in the Netherlands on Tuesday... in somewhat undeserved obscurity.   And the E-Waste Hoax will be remembered only by its silence.  There is no "correction" forthcoming from BBC, Economist, NYT, NPR, etc.  But I predict no further national or international coverage of any "e-Waste" emergency this Earth Day, one year after the news "jumped the shark" in declaring a small scrap metal pile in Western Africa to be the largest E-Waste Dump on Earth.

After a decade of NGO hype, what makes me think that "ewastegate" is over?  And not with a clang, but a whimper?

There may be some residual stories about "e-waste exports" cropping about here and there, but mostly they are coming from rank amateurs like Kevin McElvaney, people in their 20s with a camera. But the source of the hoax statistics is running out of funding, and not a decade too soon.

*homage to "the Oxford Comma"... Shaba K and TAFKAP are two different people.

Agbogbloshie "In the Life" by Wondergem and Lalouschek

Alex Wondergem and Adu Lalouschek have finally put up the full 11 minute documentary "Scrap Metal Men" on Youtube.

This shows how 100% of the material called "e-waste" gets to what has been called the "biggest ewaste dump in the world" and described as "500 Sea Containers Per Month".

This is a scandal and the environmental community needs to get out and denounce the "Story of Stuff" and NGOs who accused #FreeJoeBenson "Hurricane Benson" and other geeks of color of importing junk.