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"I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I've written a long one instead." Attributed to Pascal,Twain, and Voltaire...  
Good Point Ideas Blog discusses recycling policy, using "e-waste" as a lens. ( "eWaste" is not really a word, always try to place it in quotation marks...)  My goal:  To tell the Truth about electronics recycling from the perspective of a former regulator, RPCV, non-profit director, inside entrepreneur, and historian of international development.

Most people would not consider clean metal recycling or laptop repair to be "waste" activities (Neither EPA nor Basel Convention do).  But the hysteria over "geeks of color" who buy and refurbish computers for use in emerging market internet cafes went a little too far.   I hope that the analysis of sustainable environmental policies brings fresh air to recycling dogmas. Here are links to help readers evaluate "ewaste" facts and propaganda. 
I should really make this the "home page", so much of what I've thrown against the wall is repetitive crap.  But from the furnace of creative thought comes the steel.  Every once in awhile, something brilliant and insightful - or at least truthful - may emerge from the marketplace of Good Point Ideas.

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There could also be a list of "worst posts" - running on and on, poorly edited, or in the vein of Shakespeare, they continue ("rubbing the poor itch of your opinion, make yourselves scabs")

Basel Action Network, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council, Electronic Takeback Coalition, and others deserve credit for my writing.  They originally drew me to befriend them, as they opposed the same fraud and junk and "toxics along for the ride" as I did when it was sold to my buddies overseas.  Then they took on my buddies, calling them names, and my posts more recently have been about questioning the bias against export.   Racism does not look good in green.   I assume they like dialogue for the sake of mutual edification, the same as I do, and we'll all reunite as friends one day.  But when they say something fraudulent, like "80% of e-waste is exported for primitive processing", or that refurbishing "creates incredible toxic harm", we have to call a hoax a hoax, a scam a scam.

Fair Trade Recycling:   Manual disassembly is not difficult, recycling can be properly done in any country.  The crime is to fail to pay the foreign recycler the fair price, and to ensure that the material did indeed get properly recycled, as agreed.

Using the Google search box (top right), you can directly search for other original posts.  Uncle Shelby says you could also copy an entire post and turn it in as a "term paper"!   Just kidding.  Plagarism will be dealt with as comic justice, given my wishy-washy stance on the gray market.  We hope we outlive

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