AARP or AAPR Ewaste Survey

Here's an extremely short survey - two questions.  You may agree with both, or neither, but indicate the one agree with more strongly.  Both questions pertain to attitudes about "e-waste" exports.

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Americans Are Racist People (AARP) will be ranked by responses to both questions (AAPR - Asians and Africans are Primitive Recyclers may be a more telling indication of AARP in other nations).

I've got several friends who are African, who married Americans and immigrated to our country.  All of them, every one, was warned before they left their country that America is racist, or has a lot of racist people.   After living here for decades, all agree that the danger is present, but was overstated.  Not one believes in a ban on interracial marriage.

I've also got several friends who import used electronics from the USA.   When I export to them, a lot of people tell me that I should beware, that Africans, Asians and Latinos are Primitive recyclers.   After doing it for a decade, I am certain that the danger is present, but that it has been overstated.  I do not believe in a ban on "e-waste" exports.

Psst.. it's a head trip.  

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