Contract Manufacturing Visit

WR3A partners have now visited the factory in Indonesia which was attacked by BAN in the press in February.

It will take some time to write a post which respects the confidentiality of all those involved in allowing us to view and inspect the factory and its operations.   Since neither the factory nor the shipper are WR3A members, this was fact finding.

It is a major TV remanufacturing company.  More to follow.

By the way, to clarify something in dispute from BAN's response to our op-ed in December...  BAN mistated what I said about current Pledge companies shipping to remanufacturing plants.   The factories which BAN objects to are the biggest buyers of working monitors.  A Pledge Signer can test and sell fully functional monitors to these factories - which then break them down and rebuild them the same as they do the "key functions" and repairable monitors.   BAN has recommended a process of testing and objected to a process of refurbishing, but the refurbishing factories buy working units.  We did not say that the Pledge companies were dishonest or deceitful. It is true that Jim asked me who they were, and I told him that is not my job.  When he later said I had accused them of violating the Pledge, the Pledge clearly allows tested working monitors to be sold to the refurbishers like this one in Indonesia.

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