WOW - EWASTE TESTIMONY - "The Green Scare"

I am on the road, in a hotel room in Springfield Missouri. I was reviewing BAN's post about me personally and my company and my company's activities on the Refurbishers group. There was a very specific and very false allegation (that our "big secret factory" actually discards removed parts... in fact we long ago set up a process to properly recycle them at an OECD country).

Rather than "shoot from the hip" I decided to do what I did seven years ago during a similar debate with Jim Puckett. I went and read the Basel Convention. After all, its all online and I have a degree in international relations (Carleton College '84) and studied a semester at the UN in Geneva.

So I have been the MPPI document.

Guess what?... Methinks the NGO doth protest too much. Just like when I found that the Basel Convention explicitly allowed export of used electronics for repair and refurbishment, and that BAN was on record protesting (aka ACKNOWLEDGING) that ruling, MPPI is full of statements that explicitly agree with WR3A. And BAN is once again on record angrily protesting what the MPPI states. This will take some time but I have time, so I'll try to draw up a factual and reasoned outline of what is WASTE and what is REUSE, citing the very document Jim says (in the refurbishers post) that I'm unfamiliar with.

So stay tuned, I'm going to do a term paper on repair and refurbishing in the Basel Convention.

End the "GREEN SCARE". McCarthyist environmentalism must stop. People were afraid to criticize Senator Joe McCarthy because he was such a fervent democracy-loving crusader. It was a mistake to let him on as long as he did intimidating and denigrating good people during the "red scare".


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looking for forward to reading your report.


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