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Does your e-waste recycler know what a "supersack" is? How do they ship CRT glass without them?

Like "magician secrets", facts and data of the ewaste trade have been guarded tightly for over a decade. Government regulators are subjected to "tilted" views on what constitute "best practices".

WR3A is a non-profit business consortium bringing transparency to the ewaste industry. Here is the first in a series of recycling blog posts inviting WR3A members to "renew their vows" in 2010.
Benefits of Becoming a WR3A Member

Part One: Access to data

Whether or not your company exports used electronics, you should be a member of the Export Reform group WR3A (the World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association). Members of the WR3A have pledged to follow and develop "Fair Trade" practices. As a business consortium

  • What is the average price for 15 different specifications of CRT Monitor?
  • Which countries still broadcast TV in USA's NTSC analog signal format?
  • Where is the price of copper going?
  • What is the average "incidental breakage" for a load of computer monitors?
  • Which sizes of CRT monitors are out of demand?
  • What CPU speeds are in highest demand in dial-up countries (without broadband)?
  • Which OEM Manufacturers have problems with "white box", "counterfeit", "resale" or "gray market" products?
  • Which states have legislation pending? What does the legislation say?
  • Why do African importers ask for completely different commodities than Chinese importers?
  • Which nations (or port cities in large nations) have secondary copper smelters?
  • Does the plastic industry buy virgin flame-retardant bromides?
  • Where can I find the text of the Basel Convention?
  • How do different nations define "waste" differently?
  • Is it true that China classifies anything used, secondary, once-owned, as "waste?"
  • What does the World Trade Organization say about "cores" and "refurbishing" industries?
  • How much of auto batteries manufactured in different countries has recycled vs. mined content?

Join WR3A if you want access to information which will make you more of an expert in exports. If your competitors are shipping "Toxics Along for the Ride" (TAR), how can you bird-dog the bad practice for your clients? If someone with little English asks to buy your "e-waste", how can you "vet" the market before shipping there?

WR3A members share industry (generalized) data subject to SEC rules (limitations on price sharing, etc.) in order to create standards for the reuse, repair and recycling industry. We are still a growing organization, but we have a number of big feathers in our cap. Next post, more advantages of joining

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"Your Highess, we have created the ultimate weapon against counterfeiters of the Royal Currency. It's called a "Schredder". We have placed one at every bank and payroll office."

"How do you screen the good money out?"

"The point is to shred the bad money. We are still studying how to tell them apart."

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