Nuance Delivery 1: Awal is Sasha Rainbow's Tire Burning Boy

Another reminder from the Placebo "Life's What You Make It" controversy a year ago... Sasha Rainbow, who made the Placebo music video in Agbogbloshie, didn't ever - even once- respond to me or talk to me.  She said I was a liar.

Here (in Pidgin English) is an interview with Awal Muhammed of Savelugu (village north of Tamale).  Oh, he's also featured in BBC reporter Reggie Yates feature on Agbogbloshie.

Sasha's documentary is coming out soon, I've been told.  Good for her that she spent more time down there.  I've heard nice things about Sasha Rainbow from people I know in Accra. 

My only complaint was the LIES, the "statistics" that say Agbogbloshie's waste comes directly from boats from USA and Europe and almost everything is junk and nothing is reused.  That is a lie.

Most of Agbogbloshie scrap was imported (yes, secondhand) decades ago and used affordably, for many years, by Africa's "Good Enough Market".

Here's an interview I did with Oluu Orga, a former Agbogbloshie scrapper who made a business out of piecing together THIRD HAND computers (ones originally imported second hand to Accra, but eventually discarded, and repaired).

How about people who originally wanted to do something good and save the world stop attacking me and my family for trying to protect Africa's Tech Sector from their white savior charitable industrial complex collateral damage?

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