Rumors Update 3: Deauville, Normandy, Film Festival

This is just a sneak peak. Leapfrogs #2 because it's so hot off the press...

The collateral damage to geeks of color over the past 2 decades has left scores of witnesses.

It is not "hell".

There are no "devils".

It is certainly not "Soddom and Gomorrah" and non one in Africa calls it that.

If anything, the African importers are the Angels of the Internet, as well as world cup, cell phone service, and all the other things Africa would today be without IF NOT BUT FOR Africa's Tech Sector.

Good Enough Market.

Critical Mass of Users.

The imprisonment of Joe "Hurricane" Benson was cringeworthy enough, but the celebration of his arrest by @Guardian @theIndependent @BBC @Panorama is a chilling tale.  Raphael Rowe has  had years to tell us, in his public indictment of Joseph Benson, that he did not know what he was talking about and was making it up as he went along.  That he "GPS" did nothing but "profile" the trade on the basis of race.  Raphael Rowe is certainly not a racist.  But he is certainly stubborn in the hanging of Joe Benson.

Jim Puckett.  His kids should make him retire, before his 1970's "third world" narrative does even more friendly fire, even more collateral damage.

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