Regulations: The Purpose of Rules

When there are Guidelines or regulations, there are reasons to follow them and enforce them.

  1. There is a positive environmental effect to the rules (or negative impact from not following the rule).
  2. "Rules are Rules".   If Rules are not enforced, other meaningful (see #1) Rules will also not be enforced.

If it is #1, there should be a science or test to demonstrate and constantly improve on the rules.  If for example there is a different rule (Universal Waste vs. EPA CRT Rule) in Vermont vs. NH, MA, NY (our three border states), enough time has passed to know the pros and cons attributable to the differences.   It's not about the alleged ego clash between 1990s MA DEP David Struhs vs. EPA Region I's John DeVillars.

If it is #2, I can accept that... So long as the Rules are applied evenly and to everyone.  If Vermont has a different rule from NH, MA, NY, and is applying the rule for consistency, you expect to see the same citations to my list of 9 other electronics processors in the state.

If instead you have 101 violations against 1/9 processors in 9 months, one can conclude that either that processor really needs a dunce cap, or that there's something personal going  on.

Most people in Vermont, and even more (OEMs) outside, have decided what is going on and it's not good... for Governor Peter Schumlin.

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