FIREHOSE BLOG: Africans, Malaysians, Middle Eastern Technicians - Run for cover

The firehose of disinformation about our Fixer brethren continues.

There is a war against the "Good Enough Market".  CAER, Greenpeace, and Basel Action Network have refused to withdraw the falsified and disproven statistic that 80% of used electronics exports are primitively burned in a horrible toxic process.  Interpol in Europe, acting on the fake, discredited, false, made-up statistic, has arrested 40 African export businesses.  USA EPA has publicly accused an Egyptian man of primitive ape-like processes for 100,000 computer monitors for which he paid $28 each ($21 per monitor plus approximately $7 in shipping).

You think the USA had a problem in the deep south in the 1960s?  Look at how we are treating the Deep South of the world.  Firehose of false, fake, brutally dishonest allegations against technicians in developing world.  And it's "environmentalists" holding the firehose.

Emerging markets (3 billion people with per capita income ~$3k/year) online more hours than West
Greenpeace Europe video accuses these men of burning these TVs.  Interpol arrested their boss.

Malaysia has now taken away the permit from this factory, written about by Shanghai reporter Adam Minter.

I got out of the Egypt business just before the crackdown by shipping monitors to the Malaysia company, which refurbished them to new-in-box warranty for my old Egyptian partner.  Now, the Environmental Malpractice is making them the fourth victim.

Donald Summers of Basel Action Network did call and apologize to me, personally, for telling a reporter in confidence I was "lying through my teeth", a "big outlier", and a "supporter of dumping on the poor."  He apologized because he got caught saying it (in all places, in an article about his organization being sued for slander and libel, LOL).

I'm nothing.   Look at the way "environmentalists" and "watchdogs" are treating Chicas Bravas, Joseph Benson, Gordon Chiu / PT Imtech.

Stewards.  Huh.  The Birmingham firefighters of the environmental movement.  

Hard thing:  Mix enough bad stuff into your good stuff that they keep taking Toxics Along for the Ride.
Harder thing:  No Export!  Shred all!
Hardest thing:   Do business with a black man who has been tarnished with a "primitive" label, but refuses to buy the junk he is accused of buying... while being shouted at as an illegal dumper.

The environmentalists are fundamentally good people, like the white Alabama church-going fire fighters were.  But they have refused to take it back.   They say that loads at USA dumps, like this one (from VT) below are being put in sea containers, purchased by Africans, and burned.

They have convinced regulators, the press, and young college environmentalists that the technicians and geeks in Lagos, Cairo, Accra, etc. are buying the load in this picture, and burning it.  Here is the photo adorned its annual report with.

There's nothing in this photo which says that it's imported, or that it's a significant portion of e-waste.  The kid was actually burning refrigerators, mostly.  But the primary point here is that BAN doesn't pay the kid, they use his image to advertise their non-profit "charity" - (YES, they actually identify themselves as a CHARITY to IRS!!!) - raise money on the kids photo, thank us for our support... and the kid does not get a dime.

Bring it on.  I'm only 51.


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