Why Hasn't BAN Waived Banner?

CAER, ETBC, and BAN.org have been telling us all that most exports of used equipment to Africa are burned in primitive conditions, exploiting child workers.

So  this story a month ago should have been run up the flagpole, right?

The silence is deafening.

This INTERPOL arrest story was weeks after my "MALPRACTICE" blogs, bemoaning the arrests of Joseph Benson, Medi-com, Semarang and other GOC's.

We only get 200 or so readers per post.

Why didn't BAN, E-Stewards, somebody, run David Higgins INTEROL story up the flagpole?

They know this arrest scoop was over the top.

They know also, I say, their role in the Rosie Geek Parks arrests.

Arrests of e-waste export professional geeks is no longer a "flagpole" moment.  There is significant doubt every time an African fixer is arrested.  It is bubbling up the chain.  Expect David Higgins to hear, soon, that his massive racial profiling arrest is not quite as popular as it was ... in 1951 Alabama.

 #Benson #MediCom #Chiu

If you run an "e-waste export arrest" story, as BAN now knows, you WILL BE TAGGED.  The arrested will get a virtual trial of their peers #@fairtraderecycling

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