" We Don't Export WEEE "

Of all the mantras a scrap recycler could have, this has got to be the WORST.

October 2011: "Call for Total Ban on Used Electronic Exports to Africa"  http://www.letsrecycle.com/news/latest-news/weee/call-for-total-ban-on-used-electronic-exports-to-africa

It means no matter what Africans do, no matter how good their recycling systems, they should be banned from export because they are AFRICAN.  They will always be African and can never properly import -E-Waste.

This is racist.

Psst.  Nick Mann...

Search the term "fair trade recycling", and search the term "boycott", and figure it out.

Or read the article.  There's a woman, Margare Bates, whom I've  never met but who seems to say exactly what needs to be said.

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