WR3A Adapts New Moniker

    WR3A is announcing a formal tradename adaptation and copyright of the trade name "Fair Trade Recycling".   WR3A has suspended its own certification and cooperative marketing strategy, and will instead offer its legal support and funding of R2 certification for overseas companies.  

    The cooperative marketing was a huge success from 2006 to 2010, but created conflicts of interest for members when purchase orders shrank.  For example, east coast members who were shipping to SKD factories which were offered California supply in the "California Compromise" discussion would have been negatively impacted.  

    The WR3A Board has decided that while experience and data collected from cooperative sales were outstanding, the future of the organization should follow the recommendations by University of Amsterdam researcher Brenda Wijnen, and establish independent rules and principles rather than acting as "shipper of record".   Individual WR3A members may choose to broker loads, but not under the WR3A name or umbrella.

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