WR3A - Live From Nairobi, Kenya!

The Great E-Waste Hoax of Africa is Falling!

Live from the ground in Nairobi, where WR3A has 4 people watching the proceedings. 
These are each links to the individual presentations. 

I'll try to give titles and presenters names later, in the meantime, hunt and fish and flag.

Concluding Remarks, final presentation 
"Avoid the import of e-waste and near-end-of-life equipment without
hampering the meaningful and socio - economically valuable trade
of used EEE of good quality. 
Refurbishing of EEE and the sales of used EEE is an important
economic sector in some countries of West Africa (e.g. Ghana and
It is a well-organized and a dynamic sector that holds the potential for
further industrial development. 
Indirectly, the sector has another important economic role, as it supplies
low and middle income households with affordable ICT equipment and
other EEE. 
"In the view of the sector’s positive socio-economic performance, all policy measures aiming to improve e-waste management in WestAfrica should refrain from undifferentiated banning of second-handimports and refurbishing activities and strive for a co-operativeapproach by including the market and sector associations."

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