Judge Competent Authority: EPA or Commerce?

Mom decides Moms are the Competent Authority.   If Dad says you can play ball with your friend, Mom says you have to ask your friend's Mom first.  Dad says he already spoke to the friend's Dad, and they agreed that the kids can play ball.


Environmentalists (Moms) mean well and are often right.  But they are not correct or "competent" by virtue of them being "Mom", at least not more so than "Dad'.   In the event of a dispute, the ruling is by a judge, not simply that Mom says that Moms decide.

Whether a good is a commodity or a waste is not just a matter of opinion.   Chinese Mom has been caught saying that things made in America are "waste" and saying, by definition, that if one person sells something they have "discarded" it and it is now waste.   That's nuts and the USA Trade Office needs to look into just how incredibly nuts it is for EPA to say that the decision is "competent".

I love my mom.  In this context, I am more of a mom than I am a dad.  But Chinese Mom is a crafty little devil.

Recycling scrap is a commodity exactly like mined ore.  If it's allowed for virgin material, it's allowed for scrap. Chinese mom can't say that only boys can play on the international field.  Environmentalists need to stick up for the right to recycle (or repair) the same as Moms and Dads need to stand up for the rights of our daughters to play ball.

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