Black Leg Mining Song

The recyclers in poor nations today seem to have inherited the untouchable qualities, distain and attitude of consumers, of the miners that preceded them.  These "black leg" miners were white.

Today, the black leg miners are black.  And they are mining recyclables, i.e. urban ore.

Photos of recyclers, getting iron, copper, steel, aluminum, nickel, gold and silver (as well as rare earth metal magnets) from recycled computers seem to stir the same disgust of the "pit of hell" in this old English tune, which I listened to in high school.

Society still depends on miners and recycling.  If we don't like the way Africans and Asians and South Americans mine and recycle (and mining is far worse than recycling), we need to pay them better and give them incentives to run cleaner shops.   Boycotting the Blackleg Miner seems like a pitiful reactionary measure.  Making money out of other peoples pitiful reactions... that deserves its own song.

There's not a woman in this town row, will look at the e-waste recycler...  

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