Live Interviews: Innocent Techs of Color, Not E-waste Criminals

We have raw footage film of the individuals who work in the "Big Secret Factories".  Just join WR3A's Group on   (Viddler is a high-def Youtube service, and individual memberships are free).

Most of these shots were taken in 2008, with a grant from CEA. The main video was shown at the CES show in Las Vegas in January 2009 (between keynote addresses by Cisco and Intel CEOs). 

We ran out of budget to have these WR3A videos translated.  But since the international audience for this blog has grown significantly (225 reads per day, with India, EU, Indonesia, Ukraine, China, Russia, Turkey etc. the fastest-growing readerships), I thought I'd put the appeal.

   (Interview with Peru tech to the left).

Many clips from Indonesia and Malaysia remain untranslated.  These are face-to-face interviews with individual Techs of Color whose jobs have been called "illegal" by some "E-Waste" NGOs.  If Interpol cannot afford to fly and visit the disputed Annex IX reuse factories, they should at least view these videos and collect  more.  

If an environmental group sends a letter to the tech's government accusing them of receiving "toxic waste", it is heartbreaking if not criminal.  I bent over backwards to introduce the environmental ewaste watchdogs to these people; the lack of interest is confusing if not appalling. 

Love Malaysia Technicians interviews with Indonesia techs!  Love the Egypt "plastic surgery" video!  If you have a good one to share, please upload, we want techies to talk to each other and share e-waste recycling techniques.

Contact me for the password to edit, annotate, translate, or add video to this collection.  There are about 150 interviews in Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Egypt, Senegal, Malaysia, USA and other countries.  We'd love to see more video uploads from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Turkey and China.  Wear a mask and tell your story, in your own language.   We can wiki-leak ourselves if CBS won't tell our story.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to WR3A members overseas and in the USA.
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