Imagine Animal Farm at Basel Debate

Is it possible to imagine that an engineer with several patents, who operates a CRT manufacturing factory for the past 2 decades, whose purchase orders range in the hundreds of thousands of units, whose factory buys 5,000 CRT units per day, who oversaw the design of the CRT monitor the American is recycling, and who designed the converter boxes for the HDTV transition...

Is it possible to imagine that this engineer has ISO14001, ISO9000, a downstream CRT glass-to-glass market....

Is it possible to imagine that reviewing his specifications for purchase orders deserves as much consideration by Basle Secretariat as the people who suggested "tested working"?   Is it possible that no one at the Basel Convention has ever asked one of the factory buyers to come in and advise them what is "waste" and what is product?

When I suggested this, someone who attends the meetings said that the person is an environmental "e-waste" criminal (because they properly recycle the capacitors removed from the proper units, and because their purchase order specification is much more complex but does not include the words "fully functional" or "tested working").

Is it possible that the Environmental Community has scared away the people who could best advise them on how developing countries, like Malaysia and Indonesia, got CRT glass-to-glass recycling infrastructure in a matter of a few years which rivals, indeed surpasses, the USA and Europe?

Why must this person risk the jobs of the thousands of employees who depend on them for careers in their community?  How can they attend a summit with people who threaten them with accusations that would be both environmental and economic and legal disasters?

Gee, just another crazy post from Robin today.

The "experts" are the people who deliver 1,000 tested working monitors per month, and never reconcile what actually happens downstream.  The "criminals" are the ones with complex purchase orders who import 350,000 monitors per month.  Is it so crazy to have a summit where the experts could meet with environmental officials, such as Interpol, without risk that their factory will be accused of environmental wrongdoing?

Animal Farm.

The main reason I post the same stuff is that it's so unbelievable.  The cocky arrogance of the West.   These CRT re-manufacturers are going to close in a couple of years, and don't see any real reason to take short term risks.

But I am documenting what happened during this decade, and some folks are going to be very, very embarrassed about the situation they created.

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