Agbogbloshie "In the Life" by Wondergem and Lalouschek

Alex Wondergem and Adu Lalouschek have finally put up the full 11 minute documentary "Scrap Metal Men" on Youtube.

This shows how 100% of the material called "e-waste" gets to what has been called the "biggest ewaste dump in the world" and described as "500 Sea Containers Per Month".

This is a scandal and the environmental community needs to get out and denounce the "Story of Stuff" and NGOs who accused #FreeJoeBenson "Hurricane Benson" and other geeks of color of importing junk.

The material at Agbogbloshie was imported, ABOUT 15 YEARS EARLIER and used for years. And yes, African cities have TV stations and yes, Africans generate "e-waste" and yes, young men burn wire.  But arresting and defaming Africa's Tech Sector is the only "criminal" activity, and I wish I had the money to hire a lawyer and sue the NGOs for defamation in a class action suit against importers like Emmanuel and Wahab (my film below).

It was around 3 years ago (2013) that I flew to London to meet a guy, Joe Benson of BJ Electronics, accused by Greenpeace, BAN, and other NGOs of exporting "80% waste" for "primitive dumping".  Benson had never been to school and the UK system of injustice spent UK taxpayer money to put him in jail for "dumping", the prosecutor citing (and I quote) "common knowledge" that Africans pay money to ship waste to dump and burn it.

Damn it you guys, this is the worst thing and I'm not satisfied with AmnestyInternational.  The FBI should be investigating this.  I don't have the money to do it but the wrong people went to jail and the criminals are out raising money through E-Stewards.  How could anyone allow a penny of their money to be used in this defamation campaign?  Someone should save Annie Leonard from her "Story of Stuff".

E-Stewards is not just inefficient, not just a waste of money, it's morally reprehensible in misrepresenting the Tech Sector in Asia and Africa.  Santa Clara County in California is engaged in a racist defamation campaign.

And no this isn't "new information", we filmed Africa Imports in 2006 and BAN's own commissioned report (Kenya) said 90% of imports were reused in 2007.

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