Africa Tech Taught Techie Stuff to Vermont: Now Georgia Tech Scholar

Emmanuel Eric Prempeh Nyaletey, the head Technician at Good Point Recycling, has been offered a scholarship at Georgia Tech to earn a degree in coding and programming.  He leaves Vermont with his wife in the coming days, his last day at work tomorrow.

The scholarship came up quickly, and my son Morgan had just returned from his first year at United World College.  Morgan volunteered to come in today and help preserve the systems Eric brought.

We'd love it if we could offer Emmanuel Eric so much money he'd pass on the scholarship offer.  But we never progress by holding people back.

Good Point sponsored a trip back to Ghana for Emmanuel Eric last February, and I have a ton of photos of his friends fixing stuff in Accra.  We'll do an interview, Q and A style, for publication here or another format, in the coming weeks.

This is real life.

No wires were burned in the making of this blog.   Eric will remain on the team at Fair Trade Recycling, ready to answer questions from Western reporters seeking the truth behind the geeks of color and the fraud behind Basel Action Network and Africa's "E-Waste Hoax".

Here's a link to the 90s Congolese superstar group, Soukous Stars:

Vocals: Ballou Canta, Shimita El Diego, Jean Papy Ramazani, Yondo Sister Kusala
Lead Guitar: Philippe "Saladin" Ferreira 
Rhythm Guitar: Lokassa Ya M'Bongo 
Bass: Miguel Yamba
Drums/Percussion: Mohammed
Trumpet: Fredo
Congas/Horns: Lionel
Trombone: Luis Lopez

And my personal favorite, Shaba Kahamba

Will miss having someone around to talk about this music.   Walka fine, Eric.

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