Testimony Wanted: E-Waste Import/Export Trials

The Vermont Fair Trade Recycling Summit is collecting 2-3 minute videos, written testimonials, and quotes about the concept of fair trade as an alternative to export bans and prohibition laws.

We had far too many people who wanted to attend and present their ideas, even after opening a third class.  There will be online streaming of the FTR Event.  That means there will be gaps between classes which is an opportunity for you to present your case, pro or con, to thousands of viewers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The only warning is that there are plenty of facts on the table.  Dozens of import/export businesses are talking about their processes, and how fair reuse can actually fund the manual disassembly of used electronics they generate in their own nations.

Send your 2 paragraphs, or video or link from youtube/vimeo/viddler, to Testimony (at) wr3a.org.

Here's an example (my video response to Good, February 11, 2010...

Video Testimony on fair trade (share your ideas as well!) below (click "more")

(My favorites so far are on the theme of "right to assembly" means "right to affordable internet devices".   The same nations which are cracking down on used device imports are the ones cracking down on internet free assembly... )

128 seconds on e-waste export laws:

(Trivia:  I recorded this two weeks before BAN announced (via the Boston Globe) that an original CRT monitor manufacturer in Semarang, Indonesia, which took back both warranty repairs and refurbishable units, was a "primitive wire burning" facility which dumped an burned the computer monitors they purchased on the ground.   The Boston Globe ran the allegation as fact. )  

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