Three Interviews with Yadji Moussa about Cameroon, Africa, and "e-waste"

These are pretty unprofessional, unedited, videos interviewing our departed friend from Cameroon, Yadji Moussa.   I'm working today on getting some photos together for the service on Friday.  Yadji's kids, Innah and Adam, will be coming from Michigan.

The service will be held at the Memorial Baptist Church, between Pleasant St. and Court St (Rt 7) near the Middlebury green.    Friday, July 6, 6:45PM

I'm not a professional filmmaker, or a professional writer, or a professional sociologist.  But there's something going on here, and what it is ain't exactly clear.

This one is kind of touching at the beginning, where Yadji sees his daughter on Facebook for the second time.  My interview style isn't much to listen to.  But the three videos mean something to me and maybe they mean something to someone else.  There are also video interviews from Mexico, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Indonesia, Peru, Malaysia, etc., if you search WR3A videos at

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