The Most Hazardous of E-Waste

It has the metals, the flame retardants, all the chemical composition of the E-Waste you have read about.  Eight pounds of lead in the glass, phosphors, copper and other non-ferrous metals.

In addition, it has live current running through it, posing risk of electric shock.  Yet many seek to call it a "commodity", not governed by e-waste regulations.

This device even emits signals intended to change the way you behave.  It will try to alter your voting and purchasing patterns.  It has been blamed for an epidemic of obesity.

The television in your living room, your bedroom, or kitchen... have you looked at it closely?  At what point is it the most dangerous of e-waste?  While it's lividly emitting sound and signals in your living room, or when it's safely unplugged in your garage?

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