Foreign Recyclers Take Over the World 2008

Three years ago, my 8 year old son came back from a year in France, and reacquainted himself with my office while I took a nap.  He found a FLIP camera there, which I'd gotten back from one of the WR3A videoers (Peru, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Baton Rouge, North Carolina, etc).

see below

I found the video months later.

Funniest thing in my life.

Hey, I could digress about how society perceives risk.   Some think having video of kids online is risky.  The precautionary principle against mixing work and family, children and internet, babies and technology... The best intentions of regulating these risks, the outcomes of free markets, expression, and laissez faire.  But the title "Foreign Recyclers Take over World" is an apt enough headline for today.

Happy Thanksgiving.  If you buy something new this Black Friday, be it hand movie camera or new display device,  think about the people who made it, and mined it.   But also appreciate the kids who will use it to take over the world, unexpectedly, one Tahir Square at a time.

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