Product Stewardship Institute Conference in Boston

I came down to the PSI Conferrence today, it's at the Omni Parker in Boston.

When I've written before about product stewardship, it has  mostly focused on the disconnection to contract manufacturing, and how concerns over the gray market lead to unintended consequences.  These are criticisms which are fairly specific to my pet issue, "ewaste".

When it comes to carpets and old pharmaceuticals, I cannot say that either of those concerns is an issue.  If there is no disagreement about the word "waste" vs. "commodity" - as there are in "e-wastes" - there is less likely to be an underlying disagreement over title, as in property or. job function

We don't want to become so colored by a negative experience in our own issue - for me, repair and reuse and the secondary market - that we become deaf to issues where the government fix may actually repair a problem.

The photo of the Boston sunrise is from the MIT web.  Scott Cassel, the director of PSI, has a degree from MIT.  When we both worked at Commonwealth of Massaachusetts, he was the polished one, I was the sparky one.

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