MPPI and WR3A Monitor Factory Order

Our WR3A computer CRT monitor purchase order appears to be the exact same thing as the chairman describes in his final paper (protested by Fair trade. It reads as if people who are in the buying and selling and regulation business sat down and tried their darndest to make a common sense trade initiative which makes sure that known junk isn't sent to people who can't deal with it, and that good repairable stuff is not destroyed because people look down on overseas repair people.

It reads as if good people can do good things if they sit down and negotiate a fair contract, a win-win document, designed to improve the lives and the environment of both parties. It reads as though the Asian or African or American or European or Latin American businessperson loves their kids equally, and likes it when our kids play together while the dads and moms work out a fair trad agreement.

It is a non-racist document, which treats repair entrepreneurs (for cell phones) as equals to the collection companies in the OECD countries. It aims to negotiate a deal which allows fair trade and export with protections and guarantees on quality.

The main difference is that WR3A purchase orders include ACTUAL QA/QC documentation of ACTUAL reuse rates. We document EXACTLY what happens to each of the 100,000 computer monitors which are refurbished in the factories which made the monitors originally. The monitor factories are able to do this because they did it when they made monitors for big name companies.

I am sick of racists. Just because you want good things for someone of another race does not mean you are not a racist. Some of the biggest racists on the planet are do-gooders who cannot treat people of other countries as equals because they think themselves more noble because they live in luxury. Guilt brings sadness. Racism can result. The people I work with overseas are so much more skilled than sanctimonious, self-righteous green-kin who are willing to mislead in order to accomplish their particular crusade. The people I trade with have seen, first hand, how the poorest people can become the wealthiest with their skill and knowledge and mastery of technology. They were them. They employ themselves.

We negotiate with them to make sure they have the right financial incentives to do the right thing environmentally. It is the only thing that works. The MPPI document has been a good read but now I am REALLY pissed off. It is a wannabe WR3A purchase order without actual interviews, actual technicians negotiating with actual sorters, actual fallout, market demand projections, etc.

I have a chart to do which gets into the legal mumbo jumbo. But for right now, I take back whatever sounded like an apology for not having read about Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative before writing about CRTs. Because the MPPI document is a living document which derives consensus through a search for best outcomes.

Leapfrogging is not an "outcome", it is a panacea.

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