Meet the Evil "eWaste" Importer is hands on. Fair Trade Recycling is not just an idea, it's working.

In 2006 we toured a CRT factory in Malaysia. They used to manufacture monitors for big companies, but as those companies switched to LCDs, they kept the factory alive by purchasing good used monitors from the USA and completely repairing and refurbishing them for reuse.

The Malaysia WR3A partner originally purchased monitors for $5. WR3A renegotiated for them to pay only $3.50 in return for the following:

1) They get ISO9000 certification
2) They get ISO14001 certification
3) They document each and every monitor (whether it was acceptable, what grade, end use) to meet EPA 3 year reuse documentation
4) They charge us back $5 for every unacceptable monitor and produce a reconciliation report on each shipment
5) They recycle any "fallout" as glass-to-glass CRT recycling, and submit documentation
6) They allow independent professional auditor to visit and document all end markets for "incidental breakage" etc
7) They allow a USA auditor to document them for EPA R2 Standards

The company not only met every objective by 2008, they are now working closely with WR3A members in the Mid-East and Latin America to advise and help them improve their standards! We hope Dell and other manufacturers will see people for what they can do, rather than for what they once did not do.

This is more than just opinion, WR3A is working and improving the lives of overseas recyclers. This factory is the one featured at our youtube video. Please visit it (this one is under 3 minutes) and vote on it.

Come meet the factory owner at the W
R3A-sponsored Recycling Today Electronics Recycling Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, June 7,8, and 9.

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