Africa is not a Leak in Your #CircularEconomy

The Twittersphere continues to post drama documentaries about Agbogbloshie, illegal dumping, largest e-waste dump on earth, etc.  Just 12 months ago, another European documentary was produced which tries to out-do the outlandish racial profiling that already put Joseph "Hurricane" Benson in prison.  It now has over 1M views.

But there's no title.  No filmmaker.  Narrarator is unnamed. There are no credits. No funding source. No one to ask questions of.  It's an anonymous hit job on Africa's Tech Sector, doing the business of Planned Obsolescence, Big Shred, and Charity Industrial Complex.

Joseph Benson of BJ Electronics, Olu Orga, and the Tech Sector in Ghana still face a European lynch mob... but now the journalists may as well be wearing hoods.  Learning from the retorts to #SashaRainbow and #BaselActionNetwork, the propaganda now seeps through social media without anyone to confront or trace it back to.

Given the well documented electricity grid in urban cities like Accra and Lagos and Dakar and Douala in 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, etc., it should be pretty simple to calculate some estimate of how much e-waste consumers in those cities should be producing.

If you do that simple math, it's profoundly clear that the dumps would be much much larger if not but for the success of Africa's Tech Sector in prolonging the useful life of appliances, repairing them, and keeping them in use.

The more time I spend in Ghana, the more simple interviews like Olu Orga (embed at top) seem to be glaringly missing from documentaries like this one.   And what we are now documenting here is racism, racial profiling, utter bias and bigotry by Europe's left-leaning documentary makers.  They don't see that the "savior" role they imagine for themselves will be seen by historians as a planned obsolescence lynch mob.

The waste to energy facility and port of export interviews appear to be in German. If anyone can determine who is responsible for this anonymous racist propaganda, please let me know.

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