DEBUT - Fair Trade Recycling Offset - Recycled Content Jewelry from Computer Scrap

[10/6/2016]  Just a little celebration.  We just made our first "Fair Trade Recycling Offset" transaction.

We sold about $10,000 worth of computers to Chendiba Enterprises, who have a Vermont based tech testing all the displays and PCs at our plant before he buys them for export.  He's our "Joe Benson".

Normally, we take a deposit of 80% when the computers leave Vermont ($8,000 say), and wait for the computers to be received and reconciled in Ghana.  Then the next containerload is $10,000 - $2000 for the reconciled shipment #1, and another 80% / $8k deposit for shipment #1.

This week, we told our Ghana buyer to take $100 out of the $2,000 reconciliation and give it to the father of one of the Chendiba Techs (who I met and filmed in 2015).  He is a retired high school teacher who kept his own father's tradition of small scale metal smelting.  He made our Fair Trade Recycling bracelets in 2015.

Now for your implicit racism eye test, how does the same collage look without the Tech Sector and Fair Trade Recycling symbols?

Without the Tech Sector, there would be no scrap.  And no way for me to have known these people or to have received their photos from "Project Eden".

Is the first collage "greenwashing"?  Or is the second collage "brownwashing"?

Boycotting repair and recycling is stupid.  Boycotting it based on the race of the recyclers is evil.   And it's all coming from Seattle.  And now Seattle wants to destroy me for telling you this.

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