Save The American Children! Shocking Expose on USA's Car Repair Market

Just sayin'...

The point is obviously that:

1. Abandoned or slow moving "waste" is more persistent and easily photographed
2. Manufactured goods kept for part sales is different from shredding, different business
3. Sometimes business owners die or get in trouble or screw up
4. Outliers in an industry should not be used by photojournalists to racially profile geographies
5. No one knows, really, what's going on without data journalism.

Hopefully Germans don't see this video and decide to boycott car sales to Florida.  Fortunately, there are no brown children close up photos to trigger an NGO fundraising campaign.

Kudos to Youtuber Abandoned2016 for having an apparent sense of humor and perspective. (and decent musical taste)...

Hopefully very few of the cars in this video have a CRT television stashed in the trunk (an actual activity I witnessed in NJ over a decade ago by a "CRT recycling" company... they were stashing CRT TVs in cars sent to an auto shredder.  True).

Afraid I'm being rather facetious again.  But finding a yard like this one in Hong Kong would not make me boycott Hong Kong or assume I should stop selling steel scrap there.

Here is the equivalent scrap, in printers, for those who don't understand the e-scrap biz (some closed auction sales on dot matrix printers in the past 3 months, $200-800 range).

Sold Used Dot Matrix Printers.jpg

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