TRAGEDY 3: (Video) Puckett Defends "Guidelines" Developed Under Hoax

"When something is "claimed" to be exported for repair... but is actually exported for primitive dumping...."  Africans are accused of relocating to Europe in order to do this to other Africans, and #GreatWhiteSavior is here to help.

Better, listen to Jim make BAN's case, on video, and on his own behalf.   Below is the case for the "guidelines" which would rewrite Basel Convention's Annex IX, B1110 (the unamended Convention explicitly makes Hurricane Joe Benson's exports legal, See Part 1).  In the video testimony below, Jim Puckett admits that they are legal under the Basel Convention.   They'd be "illegal" under the "Guidelines" proposed under the Basel Ban Amendment, developed under the cloud of his hoax statistics.   As he describes, those Guidelines are being implemented in Europe.  Those were the Guidelines the UK Barrister used to convict Hurricane Benson.  Below is Puckett's impassioned case not to "roll them back" (i.e. why we should still amend the Convention with the hoax-fed Guidelines).


To get the Guidelines drafted he had to tell a little fib.   Basel Action Network told the Convention delegates that 75% of the material was actually dumped, citing an "extensive investigation".   He refers to a 2005 study in the video below, but is hardly as definitive about the "statistics" from that "investigation".

I will try to annotate this later.  ( Or you can jump back to 2013's blog, "BAN Spins").

Jim, in the video, is defending the GUIDELINES which were designed to prevent the 75% waste he claimed to have documented.   Those are the GUIDELINES Joe Benson is accused of violating.     But above, Jim's discussion about GUIDELINES is filmed AFTER the 2011-12 E-Waste Assessment Studies, on hundreds of seized containers in Africa found 91% of the used material was repaired or reused.

If you assume new equipment works, 93% of imports are good
Now that the actual, vetted reuse statistics are out, Puckett appears to be changing the tune.  He is now trying to say that even if the goods are repaired, or tested, that any "elective upgrade" (replacing a 512K ram with 1Gig is "generating" 512K stick of "waste"), would be illegal even if the item were fully functional..., if one gram on a 20kg unit is upgraded, the entire 20KG unit was (under his guidelines) defined to be "waste".

It's a rather elaborate explanation for his previous claim that "extensive investigation" found 75% of imports were bad.  Rather elaborate.

Africans cannot be trusted to upgrade parts!?!?!?

Don't roll back the Guidelines developed when my organization told you that 75% of the material was dumped as waste, just because 91-93% of it wasn't dumped as waste.

Mr. Puckett's "Guidelines" were established to curb a "fake crime".   His fake data from 2006 (when 6.9 million households in Nigeria already had TV, and he was filming the Lagos dump which was NOT recently imported material) was supported by photos of 20 year old imports eventually found at the dump... not from current imports or upgraded parts!

Digging, digging, digging his organization in deeper.

He's too embarrassed to open his mouth and ask for Joe Benson to be freed.  The "common knowledge" of widespread dumping was a hoax.  

Compare the vetted data above to the 2006 "report" by BAN.

And compare that to the report given to BAN by Kiaka and Kamande in Kenya, estimating 80-90% repair and reuse.  BAN never distributed this study, because it tells BAN exactly what I told him in 2005... that Africans have such high shipping costs, they insist on only working and repairable equipment, like the material shown in WR3A's 2006 video in Senegal.

PRELIMINARY STUDY ON THE IMPORTED SECOND HAND COMPUTERS IN KENYA - THE CASE OF NAIROBI by Richard Kiaka and Rachel Kamande (2007) "with guidance from Puckett James, Basel Action Network"

In his testimony, Jim says, "this is the name of the game, how do we externalize our costs".   But Jaco Huisman, Emile Lindemulder, and other EU staff took him at his "75% waste" word, and know that it is AFRICANS selling to AFRICANS.   Why does an African like Joseph Benson consider it "his game" to externalize UK's "recycling cost"?

Benson is competing against Kuusokoski's SWEEEP.  And Kuusokoski is paying BAN to stop him.  The name of the game isn't "externalizing costs".  It's "internalizing profit".

It's a sin to kill a mockingbird, Jim.   The Geeks of Color

From the Nigeria E-Waste Assessment Study:
The majority of refurbished products stem from imports via the ports of Lagos. The interim results from project component 2, the Nigerian e-Waste Country Assessment, show that 70% of all the imported used equipment is functional and is sold to consumers after testing. 70% of the non-functional share can be repaired within the major markets and is also sold to consumers. 9% of the total imports of used equipment is non-repairable and is directly passed on to collectors and recyclers."
Final report of the UNEP SBC, E-waste Africa Project,  Lagos & Freiburg, June 2011 
"Refurbishing of EEE and the sales of used EEE is an important economic sector (e.g. Alaba market in Lagos). It is a well-organized and  a dynamic  sector that holds the potential for further industrial development. Indirectly, the sector has another important economic role, as it supplies low and middle income households with affordable ICT equipment and other EEE. In the view of the sector’s positive socio-economic performance, all policy measures aiming to improve e-waste management in Nigeria should refrain from undifferentiated banning of  second-hand imports and refurbishing activities and strive for a co-operative approach by including the market and sector associations."
What Jim Puckett said about the "91% Good" Study:
"I am very satisfied with the quality of the UNEP studies. I know well the authors and have worked with them and discussed findings with them."   

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