Snapshot of Lagos Nigeria. Not your daddy's "Third World" country

When Basel Action Network shows a junk television at an African dump, and then accuses African traders of doing mysterious favors to avoid UK or USA's recycling costs, it hits a chord... with people who have never lived in Africa.

If you've spent time in Africa, you know the real problems in Africa are things like TRAFFIC JAMS.

Multiple reports show that most of Africa's e-waste is generated by Africans.  Cities like Lagos (over 15M inhabitants) have televisions and computers and cell phones, have had them for decades.  

And it's a good thing.  People are much more likely to get their electronics from repair and reuse, which creates sustainable African jobs, for geek entrepreneurs, than from new tantalum mining in the Congo or tin mining of Indonesian coral islands.

And it's fundamentally good.  That's why it's so criminal for UK's Environmental Agency to put the Geeks of Color, like Joe Benson, in jail.

From 2010 to 2014, Africa's Internet usage increased by...
5,219.6 %
Here's a link to da stats

Now, if 80% of imports of used goods were junk, then you'd necessarily see a huge increase in new product to support this growth.

Oh?  You didn't?  Neither did  we.   Had to be, HAD to be, reuse.    #FREEHURRICANEBENSON
December 31, 2013
World Regions
( 2014 Est.)
Internet Users
Dec. 31, 2000
Internet Users
Latest Data
(% Population)
Users %
of Table
Africa1,125,721,0384,514,400240,146,48221.3 %5,219.6 %8.6 %
Asia3,996,408,007114,304,0001,265,143,70231.7 %1,006.8 %45.1 %
Europe825,802,657105,096,093566,261,31768.6 %438.8 %20.2 %
Middle East231,062,8603,284,800103,829,61444.9 %3,060.9 %3.7 %
North America353,860,227108,096,800300,287,57784.9 %177.8 %10.7 %
Latin America / Caribbean612,279,18118,068,919302,006,01649.3 %1,571.4 %10.8 %
Oceania / Australia36,724,6497,620,48024,804,22667.5 %225.5 %0.9 %
WORLD TOTAL7,181,858,619360,985,4922,802,478,93439.0 %676.3 %100.0 %
NOTES: (1) Internet Usage and World Population Statistics are for December 31, 2013. (2) CLICK on each world region name for detailed regional usage information. (3) Demographic (Population) numbers are based on data from the US Census Bureau and local census agencies. (4) Internet usage information comes from data published by Nielsen Online, by the International Telecommunications Union, by GfK, local ICT Regulators and other reliable sources. (5) For definitions, disclaimers, navigation help and methodology, please refer to the Site Surfing Guide. (6) Information in this site may be cited, giving the due credit Copyright © 2001 - 2014, Miniwatts Marketing Group. All rights reserved worldwide.

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