Just Arrived in Dublin, Ireland, Hot on the Trail

My apologies for posts of the past week or two.  Interrupted vacations, cross-country car trips, unplanned funerals, and the transition of our VP, Colin Davis, who's starting his own ethical apple orchard business in Vermont.  I'm sitting now with an expresso in Dublin, Ireland, where I'll be tracking the e-waste exports, meeting criminal Africans paying thousands of euros to stuff Pentium 4 computers into containers to burn them in villages, in order to poison African children, all to save the shredding costs of WEEE which would otherwise be charged to Irish citizens.

Those silly, ruthless African geeks.  Cost of a container from Dublin to Ghana is about $9000.  If they put 900 computer monitors in there, that's $10 each just to ship, $3.52 worth of copper.   Stewards say they strategically buy just enough good ones to fill the container with 80% waste, not quite breaking even in the process.  Pictures of scrap boys shift the burden of proof - the exporters are presumed guilty.

I do have some budding posts in the drafts folder.  But there's vacation and family to concentrate on too.

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