Tribute to E-Waste Watchdogs

Watchdog Tribute 

When the only cloth acceptable
Is the blanket that fits my bed
When the only story I repeat
Is the one inside my head

When the after-story started
Where I let conclusions lie
Where beginning doesn't matter
And winning seems so nigh

The silence of the chimps
In mining jungle land
Will make me seem much louder
Drawing my lines in the sand

My impotence is silenced
By my long pointing finger
I claim you do not care
Making your blame linger

When you carried the child
To the grave you helped to dig
And you used a repaired shovel
And you sweated like a pig

His father was a teacher
Who taught kids to repair
And diagnose, add value
Refurbish, fix and share

When eventually the shovel breaks
And can no longer be fixed
And the rust reclaims the pails
The routers and the picks

You'll be be worse than me
For you left your shovel there
And my fingerprints are idle
Proving that I care.

Things fall apart
So they should never be allowed
Leaving barefoot and pregnant
More children wrapped in shroud

Things fall apart
And we don't trust those who fix
Let them buy new shovels
Digging mining graves like ticks.

The dead boy's photo
On a pile of rusty Stuff
Proves that we are better
Cause you cannot do enough.

The only song I play
Is the one I've played before
Colonial guilt extraction
From deeper than the war.

Don't let them fix computers
When they can carry guns
Don't let them turn screwdrivers
Boys raised to be like huns.

The chopped off arm
The hunger, the mosquitos and the blame
Your footprints prove me better.
Erecting fingers, Walls of Shame.

I don't sell product to Africa.
We don't trade with Asia, Too.
We are better with our Shredder
You deliver dirty, we recite "new".

The grave you dug was shallow
The abandoned shovel dumped
Dumper, exporter, recycler!
Re-users, you are lumped.

Mining out the islands
Putting coral reefs to sleep
We spit upon your exports
Ignoring toxics that precede.

The silence of the chimps
The silence of the child
Are a tribute to our landfill
Which is safe, like boy in shroud.

My conscience is so shiny
My experience unabused
My intentions are so golden
My intelligence, gently used.

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