Pssst! TSA... Distort the Image Dudes!

People are getting all panicky about the new TSA x-rays.  I don't want to even copy and paste an actual example, I could get the blog dinged for adult content.

But TSA could do the same job if they purposefully distorted the images.  You know, like stretching a comic copied onto silly putty.  The fact that someone is carrying a weapon would still show up, and you could have a rule that if a foreign object appears that the image would be restored to "normal", or even "normal" just for some radius around the object.

There is no reason to show the actual morphology of the actual person's body.  It would be really easy to stretch out the images and then people wouldn't feel as self-conscious, and TSA wouldn't have to make a big point about deleting the images.

Aww.  A few hours after I posted this, the Washington Post reported that a "scientist" had the same idea.

But dudes... My idea continues. The images should totally be played to the soundtrack of Roxy Music's "Manifesto".  Like, the TSA guy will be sitting in Washington watching the photos, and it will look like this below, but on his TSA screen, and he'll be like, "Wow, that's totally interesting, and I'm neither bored nor turned on... just groovin."

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