Shredding Vs. Reuse in USA E-Waste

Yesterday we saw film of how a used monitor can be managed safely in Egypt.  Today, here is video of what can happen to the same monitor under a "no intact unit" policy in the USA:

We are not in denial that bad stuff is shipped in the export market.  What we promote is a different standard, "fair trade".  We are asking activists at NRDC, BAN, SVTC, and ETB to stop misrepresenting the Basel Convention as saying "fully functional" and "tested working".  You can use the ingenuity and efficiency and value of the repair market without shipping "toxics along for the ride".

Of course, given no other choice, the demand for affordable internet will replace the monitors which "E-Stewards" shred.  Even more junk flows overseas in a "war on internet" approach.

Most people in the industry agree with me (at least, most who have not already put in a million dollar shredder).  But they are afraid of bad press, afraid of getting put on 60 Minutes, afraid of miscommunication with a non-English speaker.

But here is a brave 16 year old who "gets it".  Last fall, Good Point Recycling held a very openly pro-reuse ewaste collection in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Now 16 Year Old Alex Lin of Westerly RI is participating in the reuse export market on his own, and getting international coverage as an e-waste recycling alternative.  Helping poor people get onto the internet is a very legitimate alternative to "no intact unit" programs for used electronics "#ewaste"...

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