Saving California SB20

I'm leaving to tour two additional factories in Asia which wish to refurbish computer monitors.  They need an additional 100,000 per month (which they currently buy from non-WR3A, non-audited operations).

WR3A is willing to provide the CRTs at a reduced fee in return for getting the factories to full R2 standard, in addition to the ISO9000 and ISO14001 they already had to put in place for the contract manufacturing contracts they did as a subcontractor for multi-billion-dollar OEMs.

The ideal place to get the CRTs is California.  If California will make a very simple change in interpretation of the "cancellation" language, to allow either "vacuum seal" damage OR shipment for complete remanufacturing at an audited facility, WR3A will pay CA or its processors per qualified CRT.

As it stands now, we can pay them, but not as much as SB20 pays the companies to break them.

So California SB20 Processing Rules ALLOW the broken CRT tube to go to be remelted into a new CRT tube in Malaysia, which is assembled elsewhere in Malaysia in the SAME FACTORY WR3A ships to, but California does not allow the SAME FACTORY to buy the CRT tube intact.

CA is subsidizing a broken hierarchy, and passing the costs to manufacturers and retailers and consumers.

The outcome is that CA taxpayers have to cover the lost revenue from reuse and the cost of processing good stuff, and the factories overseas have to replace the CRTs from smugglers who don't offer them any fair trade incentives, who don't remove bad units, and who send "toxics along for the ride".

Cost to California taxpayers?  About $1 million dollars per month.

Cost to overseas refurbishers?  They have to pay more, and to accept worse units.

Cost to internet access?  PRICELESS.

Here are some photos of the process WR3A uses to put refurbished CRTs into the new monitors instead of broken-melted-new CRTs into the same monitors.  The assembly takes place at the SAME FACTORY.

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