WR3A Challenges BAN E-Stewards!

In several posts, I've stated my aggravation that BAN e-waste E-Stewards are giving lip service to exports of "tested working" computers and monitors, but are actually shredding the equipment in an anti-reuse, "no intact unit" video display unit wildfire.
If I'm wrong, here's a challenge - WR3A has been asked by the UN to provide 500,000 computers and monitors for schools in Africa between now and the year 2012.  We can probably come up with 20,000 per year.   I challenge BAN E-Stewards to "match" that amount.
I will put any BAN E-Steward in touch with Paul Jhin, a former USA Peace Corps administrator, who is trying to set these schools up.   In this photo, he's in his Los Angeles office with Mr. Allen Liu, a CRT Engineer (he invented display technology of Asian lettering on terminals in his 20s) and Ow Yung, Su Fung, his VP of Operations at the contract manufacturer in Malaysia.
They accept WR3A monitors and computers, and we are trying to come up a way to "tithe" for the Digital Divide.  In return for the United Nation's guidance and oversight, we'll try to devote 10% of our exports to these schools in developing countries, wherever the UN has provided satellite internet.  WR3A members have not been asked to agree to this yet, but if they don't participate, BAN can win even more easily, right?  Our partners in Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Mexico and Peru are on board.
Nothing new for us.  Net Peripheral, Allen and Fung's company, already set up several schools for the blind in Malaysia and Indonsesia.   My company set up internet in Mexican schools.
The question is, will BAN E-Stewards match our contributions?  Admittedly, mine get repaired and refurbished in Mexico, Indonesia, and Malaysia.   Can these USA companies provide "tested working" monitors to match?
Or will they just call our donations "ewaste dumping", and call in our containers as "hazardous waste"?
Anyone on the fence out there?  You are more than welcome to ship through WR3A and donated 10% or more of your refurbished units to the United Nations cause.   Or you can send your monitors through a BAN Pledge E-Steward, and ask them to donate their 'repaired in America' computers to match ours.  If BAN beats me, I'll give up and ship my repairable units through a BAN e-Steward.

Basel Convention Annex IX B1110 Rules apply.  Any residue (non working, incidental breakage, TAR, obsolete, etc.) must be properly recycled at an internationally ISO140001 facility.  The total of all replaced parts from all members must count towards their total Toxics Along for the Ride.   Ayatollah of Ewaste, let the people read the Basel Convention online. Let us read it for ourselves.  Without a computer, we can only take your word for what the Basel Convention really says.

On yer mark, git set, go.

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