Killer Text in Product Stewardship Bills

At the same time that US Congress is forced to draft the "Right to Repair Act" to mandate manufacturers comply with parts replacement and repair expectations (auto manufacturers are allegedly increasingly using a "EULA" agreement in the car's computer to thwart repair shops), Product Stewardship activists continue to astound me by putting the following language into bills... (this one from Maine LD1631, An Act to Provide Leadership...."

§ 1785 Anticompetitive conduct
A producer or stewardship organization, including a producer's or stewardship organization's officers, members, employees and agents that organize product stewardship programs required under this chapter, is authorized to engage in anticompetitive conduct to the extent necessary to plan and implement a product stewardship program and is immune from liability under state laws relating to antitrust enforcement, restraint of trade, unfair trade practices and other regulation of trade or commerce for this purpose.

Ralph Nader spends his 20s forcing OEMs to allow repair and warranty items, and to ban anti-competitive conduct, and here we are throwing concessions like party favors in order to reduce the disposal cost of a durable item you only throw out once every 10 years.  For the price somewhere between the cost of a Starbucks coffee and a Tappen Zee bridge toll, we throw out 10 years of PIRG legislation?

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