Correction: The Blog Didn't "Flatline"

Last Friday I inadverently reported that access to my blog had "flatlined".   That term may mean different things to different people, but my statement that it had zero hits for 24 hours was false.

What actually happened was that the Google Analytics chart appeared to flatline after a massive avalanche of views, a Jezebel-like viral pounding followed by a return to normal viewership.  Here is the chart for 5 years of blog views... see the spike with 15,000 per hour last week.

So when I viewed it for the week last Friday, the torrent of views had actually spiked and returned to normal.  There was no evidence of a long term decline, other than the reduced number of blog postings.  The chart appeared to have fallen precipitously, but had just returned to normal.

Since last Friday, Papa Wemba and Percy Sledge also passed on.  Papa Wemba died onstage in West Africa.  Lots of viral stuff going on. Why a series of past blogs suddenly got tens of thousands of hits in a number of hours (during my visit to China) is a mystery.  We are now back to normal.

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