Heavy Hey Yah Vermont (Teach Me Lies) #Ewaste


This is our song.  (Outcast)

Obadiah Parker (acoustic cover)

posted by Michael Schulte.  

Sounds truthful.  

but what about... teach me lies?  Nigeria's top video below.  Nigeria has Internet.

We cut payroll from 26,000 per week in Addison County to $11k per week.  We signed up Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island communities equal to about 650,000 residents (Vermont population).   So we survive and rebuild, but Vermont government stunts us, as the new states tonnage doesn't add to VT growth or increased wages.  We're ok.  Smaller, but ok.

But it doesn't kill us.  Or teach us lies.

"We are going to demand our rights peacefully, non-violently, and we shall win." -Ken Saro Wiwa.   Hey, yah.   With fewer background singers.

"Good Point Recycling exports to those e-waste carrying Nigerians." Or teach us lies. #ewaste  We reused only 6% of the material we collected in Vermont in 2013, largely because of the complex rules about exports created by the Agency of Natural Resources, which declined to attend the Middlebury College Fair Trade Recycling Summit last spring.

Nneka.  Soul is Heavy.  Nigeria has Internet.  Yeah.  Remember Ken Saro Wiwa  

Watch the next video for even more #ewaste.  Beautiful woman, beautiful song.   The old televisions in the background do not define her, do not define her message, and do not define Africa.

Tonnage used to be what tonnage is worth.  Now, tonnage is worth what you buy and sell it for on a derivatives market, or what money you can raise taking photos of it.  Welcome product stewardship.  Teach Me Lies.

Nneka has a second video, available here, "My Home", initially about conflict mining and toxic gold mining in Africa, then a cutaway to a very urban Lagos, where she's dressed as a trash collector (L.A.W.M.A- LAGOS STATE WASTE MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY).  She appears to have her priorities straight.  I'm a fan.  I always laugh when people ask me "where do you get this stuff?"   It just takes  minute or two to learn about Nigeria, Africa, it's music and cities, on the internet the "OECD" takes for granted.

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