Sincerest Form of Blog Hijack? Damageethical Zelig (Poonam Verma)

Sincerest Form of Blog Hijack?  Damageethical Zelig (Not_by Poonam Verma)
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Well... my search box widget in Blogspot keeps breaking down (known issue at google forums) and I have been using Google Search to find references to old blogs.

How's this for a doppleganger?   Damageethical Blog, "by Poonam Verma".  He may be from India, or from Sri Lanka, I see 22 pages accessed from Sri Lanka this morning.

It's registered as (notice the letter "a" affixed to retroworks).  And it's a complete reposting of my work in this blog.

Except every post has a crap link advertisement in front.  I haven't found any malware.

Not that Indian
So... since I'm a mission oriented dude, do I see this as "getting the word out?"   Or should I be outraged at the paid ads for water removal, sewage, etc. he's selling?  It's like running into a cyber-Leonard Zelig from India.

"The question of whether Zelig was a psychotic or merely extremely neurotic was a question that was endlessly discussed among his doctors. ... his feelings were really not all that different from the normal, what one would call the well-adjusted, normal person, only carried to an extreme degree, to an extreme extent. I myself felt that one could really think of him as the ultimate conformist." - character Bruno Bettelheim, Zelig (1983, Woody Allen film)

The ultimate conformist copies a blogger who has been labelled, by many in the "E-Waste" industry, as a non-conformist. It's copycatting of a defender of tinkerers, knock-offs, shanzai, good-enough markets...  He's probably making a lot more money on the blog than I am.

Maybe I can get the software, and run my own site, reproducing Poonam Verma's site, reproducing my site...  And if you really know blogs, you know my secret, and why the screenshot photo title SEO circle creation at the top of the blog will be funny to coders.  Or, at another "retroworks" copycat, de-coder rings.

Damageethical's Poonam Verma, you have been hereby served notice.  You list your name as the author on posts which are literally exact copies of my work, and through the pop up ads, are making money from it.  It's beyond plagiarism, it's weirdly more like piracy.   And if you post this under your own byline, you must agree...

But I do want the messages about planned obsolescence, environmental malpractice, bullyboy regulators, accidental racism, geeks of color, green profiling, environmental injustice, etc. to get to an audience in India, and if you have such and audience, let me know.

And while I saw it many, many years ago (1987, my very first VHS - VCR movie rental experience), Woody Allen's Zelig stays with me.   I will try to re-watch it with my kids this weekend.  Here's a quick intro via wikipedia.

"Dr. Eudora Fletcher (Mia Farrow) is a psychiatrist who wants to help Zelig with this strange disorder when he is admitted to her hospital.[2] Through the use of hypnotism, she discovers Zelig yearns for approval so strongly he physically changes to fit in with those around him. Dr. Fletcher's determination allows her to cure Zelig, but not without complications; she lifts Zelig's self-esteem but much too high and thus he temporarily develops a personality which is violently intolerant of other people's opinions." - wikipedia 2014.01.09

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