Merry Christmas, Recyclers. Pope Francis (Francisco) Salutes You

The coverage below, in English, carries the Pope's message praising recyclers, and especially the very poorest of recyclers.  In his own words below.  Huffington Post covered it yesterday.  Slashdot covered the same subject - recycling by poor people - today.
Whose side would Jesus be on?  I'd wager he sides with Joseph Benson, Hamdy Mousa, and Gordon.  Even the lowliest of recyclers, the "e-waste poster children".  Tomorrow  I'll be giving more gifts of ' loans', $25 loans to electronics repairpeople and recyclers around the globe, who will make repayments into the names of the people I gift to.  It's a gift of $25, like a gift certificate, but it arrives a little late, and with interest, usually about $29 in 6 months.  It gives just a little taste of my recycling life.
The opposite of justice isn't injustice - that's the absence of justice.   The opposite of justice is mercy. "Environmental Mercy" has a nice ring to it.  Let's stop attacking, and boycotting, the poor.
Merry Christmas to all.

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