Middlebury College Hosts Vermont Fair Trade Recycling Summit April 16

Reuse, Repair, and Recycling Professionals from Five Continents to meet at Middlebury College Summit. Hosted by Middlebury College, visitors sponsored by Good Point Recycling and the World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association. 

Academic Track Agenda:
(Seating limited) 

Two presentations by internationally recognized figures in the field. A third forum will be held for Middlebury College students and community members interested in debate over export of used goods and Fair Trade Recycling.

10:00-11:00 Registration: coffee, snacks in Chellis House

11:00-12:15 "Environmental Policy in the Developing World" Dr. Nadia Horning. R.A.J. Hall (maximum of participants: 70)

12:15 - 1:15 Lunch Discussion

1:30-2:45 “Externalization of Opportunity or Harm?" Dr. Jon Isham. Orchard room (maximum of participants: 50)

3:00-5:00 pm -- Forum -- “Meet the E-Waste Exporters: Balancing Bans & Free Trade?” Panel Discussion moderated by Josh Lepawsky. Orchard Room

Featured Speakers:

  • Andrea Boron, US International Trade Commission.  Used Electronics Exports (February 2013).
  • Adam Minter, Author, “Junkyard Planet”.  Adam is a reporter for Bloomberg, based in Shanghai, who writes columns for BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, Recycling International, and The Atlantic.
  • Katharina Kummer Peiry, EcoConsult (Geneva, Switzerland). Former Executive Secretary, Basel Convention Secretariat 2007-12.  Former UNEP staff, Nairobi Kenya.
  • Eric Harris, Assoc. Counsel/Dir. Of Govt. & Intl. Affairs, ISRI, (Washington, DC).  Industry representative to UN PACE program.
  • Josh Lepawsky, Geography, Memorial University (Newfoundland, Canada).  Chief researcher, $479,000 Fair Trade Recycling research grant.
  • Ramzy Kahhat, Professor of Engineering, University Pontifica Catholic de Peru, FTR grant.
  • Stephen D’Esposito, President , and  Juliana Birkhoff, Vice President of Collaborative Practice, RESOLVE (resolv.org)
  • Jean Frederic Somda, International Attorney and former Prosecutor General of Burkina Faso
  • Martijn Van Engelen, Aatelco CEO, founder of Fair Trade Electronics in Holland, exporter.
  • Reed Miller, Researcher, MIT.
  • Lynn Rubinstein, Exec Director, NERC.org.  Board Member, R2 Solutions.

They will be joined by international group of importers, recycling regulators, activists, technicians, and geeks.  (Some participating by video).

• Jinex Mindevil, CEO, Ace TV, Lima Peru
• Ruediger Kuehr, United Nations University, Inst for Sustainability, Germany
• Michael Durfor, Executive Director, NRRA, Epsom, New Hampshire
• Colin Davis, VP, WR3A (Fair Trade Recycling), Middlebury, Vermont
• Kyle Wiens, CEO, IFIXIT, producer of documentary “The Fixers”
• Charles Brennick, President, Interconnection, Seattle Washington (WR3A Board)
• Mostaem Billah,Memorial University, Bangladesh
• Jim Lynch, TechSoup Global, California
• Allen Liu and Ow Young Su Fung, CEO and VP, Net Peripheral, Malaysia
• Gordon and John Chiu, CEO and VP, Advanced Global Technology, U.S.A and Peru
• Roberto and Alice Valenzuela, Retroworks de Mexico, Mexico (WR3A Board)
• Mike Rohrbach, Founder, CCLAC.org, Arizona (WR3A Board)
• Timothy Anderson, President, World Computer Exchange, California, U.S.A (WR3A member)
• George Hinkle, CEO, ARCOA Recycling, (WR3A Board)
• Muhammed Wahab Oboi, Importer of electronics, Ghana (WR3A)
• Sarah Commes, PCRR, Refurbishers Group
• Hamdy Moussa, CEO, Medi-Com, Egypt, (WR3A)
• Joshua Goldstein, Professor of Chinese History, USC Los Angeles
• Nancy Jo Craig, CCARC.com, Refurbishers Group, Louisiana
• Oscar Adrian Orta, University of Guadelajara, Mexico (WR3A)
• Adelaide Rivereau, WR3A, Masters in Waste Mgt, Univ Paul Cezanne, France
• Eric Prempeh, Technician, Good Point Recycling, Ghana
• Robin Ingenthron, WR3A, American Retroworks Inc., Good Point Recycling, Vermont
• Brenda Wijnen, University of Amsterdam (WR3A)
• Eva Carreira, WR3A staff, Vermont (WR3A)
• Miguel Macuiza-Artur, Worla Aid, Angola
• Qasim Munir, Good Luck Traders, Lahore, Pakistan

The event will be STREAMED LIVE.  If you are studying, researching, preaching, questioning, or otherwise fascinated by international recycling and scrap trade, you will want to watch this event online (seating is sold out) or participate via live streaming.

Local recycler American Retroworks Inc. and Good Point Recycling will hold an open house the same day in Middlebury, where live streaming of the event can be followed, and you can meet face to face with scrap and reuse buyers from several nations.

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