Vermont Fair Trade Recycling Summit

Fair Trade Recycling
P. O. Box 1010
Middlebury, Vermont 05753

February 28, 2013

Subject: Invitation
Middlebury College E-Waste Summit
Middlebury, Vermont, United States,
April, 16, 2013

            Fair Trade Recycling (a tradename of the World Reuse, Repair and Recycling Association) is a consortium of concerned environmental and development professionals whose goal is to achieve the best possible standards for trade in used goods for reuse and recycling.   The Association is pleased to invite you to attend the first Fair Trade Recycling Summit.

The Vermont Fair Trade Recycling Summit will be held in Middlebury College  on April, 16, 2013.  It will involve both a rigorous academic discussion of the concept of environmental policy in emerging markets, and a hands on tour of a large New England electronics recycling facility.  Live streaming of the conference will be provided online by Middlebury College.

         When are exports externalizing environmental costs from wealthy to poor nations?
            When are boycotts of developing nations a guise for protectionism, or planned obsolescence?
            What parts of the emerging entrepreneurial market are key to “tinkerer blessing” economics?
            What are the real alternatives for refurbishing and recycling workers in importing nations?
            Can the market provide “alter globalization” alternatives to the current “e-waste” management?

These and other questions will be debated by experts in the development of “e-waste” markets and policies.  Two Middlebury College Courses on will challenge importers, regulators, activists, and exporters with challenging questions on both environmental policy and international politics.   The international group will exchange information, develop a sustainable information network, and provide students at Middlebury College with different points of view on the issues discussed.

            A limited number of seats at the two College classes (to be streamed and recorded) will be available to renewed members of the Fair Trade Recycling association.   Tours of the Vermont recycling operation in Middelbury, with workshops held by importers from countries like Burkina Faso, Egypt, Ghana, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru, will be available for a $95 donation to 

The Vermont Fair Trade Recycling Summit is Available to All Middlebury College Students, and to WR3A Members by Invitation.

AGENDA  Tuesday April 16, 2013

MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE (“Academic Track”) 

Two classes held in the morning and the afternoon in Middlebury College with presentations by internationally recognized figures in the field. A third Forum will be held for Middlebury College Students and Community interested in debate over Export of used goods.

11:00-12:15 “Externalization of Opportunity or Harm?” Dr. John Isham. R.A.J. Hall (maximum of participants: 70)

12:15 - 1:15 Lunch Discussion

1:45-3:00 “Environmental Policy in Developing World” Dr. Nadia Horning. Orchard room (maximum of participants: 50)

3:20 pm “Meet the E-Waste Exporters: Balancing Bans & Free Trade?” Panel Discussion moderated by Dr. Josh Lepawsky. Orchard room


As seating at Middlebury College will be limited (online participation details to follow), a second "hands on" track will be offered at American Retroworks Inc., a Vermont E-waste processor.

Meet the people at each processing station, and meet export buyers from 4 continents, face to face, to discuss what they want, need, and need to avoid.

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