Warhol Billionaires: The Good News about Phishing, Piracy, Bank Account Compromises

I've done a calculation based on the increase in news stories about proxy bank account compromises, phishing, identity theft, and piracy.

It turns out, at the current rate of increase of online bank fraud attempts, hacking, and proxy server compromises, that we can now project the following:   in the next 50 years everyone in the world, all 13 billion, will be billionaires...  For 15 Minutes of Wealth.   At that time their "15 minutes of life savings" will be snatched and re-deposited to the next billionaire.  And so on, and so on.

It's actually better than Communism, maybe.  The wealth will learn to move so fast that people won't be able to possess it long enough to be spoiled by it.

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