It's a Wonderful X

This was originally just a reaction to a Facebook Meme about something something being bad.

The number of things people lift their little petty pricky fingers to protest (troll) online is pitiful.  It's so negative out there, that you'd think anything "free market" or "free trade" is presumptively evil.

Idea: It's a Wonderful X. Make the movie (or short slide show) about things we hate (e.g. Wal-Mart) and how life would be if they never existed. I don't "LOVE" WalMart, but I do realize it's the same as a massive Co-op for poor people, bringing prices down by bringing needed jobs to other poorer people. It probably gives more to the poor (through lower pricing and net jobs) than tax-rebates or Salvation Army. Anyway, the concept is that when we oppose or hate something the free market created, we should make a little It's A Wonderful Life movie to make sure that (e.g., never invading Iraq) the world would be better today, or not. I think there are real legitimate things to protest (loss of endangered species, loss of rain forests, etc.) which will NEVER survive the "Wonderful Life" Test. I'm not pure free market, but people who postulate that free-market=evil are alchemists.

This is actually a good enough "tweet" for a blog post.

My grandfather's name was Clarence, and my son's middle name is for the Grandfather, not for the Wonderful Life Angel.

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