We Are All Sikh

It's too early to know who or why, or what was in the idiot's mind.

I've always been an admirer of the Sikh religion.   They don't draw a lot of attention to themselves, and have been a model for balancing faith and the ability to get along, and survive, as a minority.

A lot of religions don't take "being in the minority" very well.   In the vast quadrillions of solar systems, we are all a minority, and taking it like a Sikh is not a bad way to roll with it.

Just finished reading Henry Gilbert's "Robin Hood" chapter about Robin Hood's defense of the Jewish enclaves who were terrorized in England during the Crusades.  King Richard arrested the people who started the anti-Jewish riots, and tried to explain that Jews from Palestine had nothing, nothing to do with those the Christians were crusading against.   Not sure where to go with that, but my thoughts and prayers are with the Sikhs of Wisconsin.  If they want to move to Vermont, anytime, anytime, they'd be so incredibly welcome, and I'd love to make them feel that way.

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